Specialized refueling simulator (STZ) is designated for teaching and training of flying personnel for solution of tasks related to execution of in-flight refueling with visual and instrumental detection of relueller aircraft under simple and complex weather conditions. The company developed a unique mathematical model of all stages of refueling that underwent state tests and is recommended for use without limitations.
Simulator provides solution of the following tasks:

  • training of visual and instrumental piloting in the range of altitudes and speeds defined by refueling formation flight mode;
  • performance of maneuvering and contact with fueling cone of refueller aircraft;
  • disengagement from refueller;
  • conduct of duplex radio communication with instructor;
  • training of actions of crews performing refueling in emergency situations, under simple and complex weather conditions.

  • Visualization system of the simulator generates for the pilot a stereoscopic image of the environment and visible objects and includes a stereo projector, screen and polarizing stereo glasses. The system provides high fidelity imitation of distance between piloted aircraft and the fueling cone of refueller aircraft at any time of day, under different visibilities, in simple or complex weather conditions. Instructor's workstation represents a universal module allowing to control the training process:
  • set training scenario and perform continuous checks of trainees' actions;
  • quickly change current training scenario;
  • perform post-flight debriefing;
  • keep records of training results, etc.
  • ESVO is the design organization and the holder of originals of design documentation for refueling simulators of Su-24M, Su-27, Su-30, Tu-95, Tu-160 aircraft and their modifications.
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