ESVO LLC. specialises in design, manufacture and maintenance of a full range of training aids for preparation of flying personnel and technical staff of state and civil aviation.

Experience and competence of ESVO LLC. specialists allow to perform a complete cycle of design and production of training aids for all stages of training - from computer-base training classrooms for initial theoretical lecturing up to full flight simulators of highest degrees of complexity on motion platforms for training of air crews under conditions ultimately close to real.

Simulators and computer-base training classrooms are designed under operating systems released for application in the items designed at the order of MoD of RF. ESVO LLC. is the performer of contracts for design and upgrade of simulators for preparation of flying personnel and technical staff, and also for update by Bulletins of already operated simulators. The company completed projects of upgrade of simulators for An-24, An-72, L-410, Tu-134, Tu-154, Tu-22, Su-25, MiG-31, Su-29. Su-27, IL-76MD, An-124, An-22, Su-24, Tu-160, Su-30PU, Tu-95MS, MiG-31, L-39, Tu-22М3 aircraft.

ESVO LLC. is the design organization and holder of originals of design documentation for specialized in-flight refueling simulators of Su-24, Su-27, Su-30, Tu-95, Tu-160 aircraft and their modifications. The company is the designer of a unique mathematical model of all stages of refueling that completed state tests and allows to develop a specialized in-flight refueling simulator for any type of aircraft possessing function of in-flight refueling.


Piloting simulator

Specialized simulator


Fixed-base full flight simulator



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