Works of ESVO LLC. allowed to accumulate an extensive technological reserve in the field of design of computer-base training (CBT) classrooms for theoretical lecturing and conversion training of flying personnel and technical staff for various types of aviation technology operated by entities of state and civil aviation.
Specialists of the company developed a proprietary cross-platform instrumental technological environment (shell) allowing to design CBT classrooms of a new generation and update specialized software of automated training systems of previous generations.
The new shell provided us with a possibility to create highly realistic interactive 3D training environment, to apply flexible, modular and deeply structured approach to formation of training curriculum materials.
It considerably extended functional capabilities of instructors' tools, databases, systems of knowledge checks and evaluation, system of trainee registration, system of specialized software protection.
We are successfully continuing works of integration of our CBT classrooms into a single information and training environment with developers of third-party software, including electronic operating documentation of aircraft design organizations (FOM, MoM, MS, regulating documents etc.)
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