«ZVEZDA» TV channel: future female pilots familliarize with L-410 UVP aircraft simulator in Krasnodar pilots college

| 29 January 2019
In 2017 Krasnodar pilots college performed the first in Russia admission of female trainees for training with specialization of «Operation and utilization of aviation complexes». Decision of preparation of future female pilots was taken by defense minister Sergei Shoigu.

In 2018 simulator fleet of the college was added with full flight simulator for preparation of crews of L-410 UVP aircraft, created by specialists of ESVO LLC. Future female pilots speak about realizm of simulated flight on «Zvezda» TV channel:

Design, manufacture and aftersale support of a full range of training aids for preparation of flying personnel and technical staff of state and civil aviation. Update and upgrade of simulators in operation produced by «Penza modelling design bureau» for preparation for IL, Tu, An, Yak, L, Su, MiG aircraft and Mi and Ka helicopters. Design of new generation hydraulic motion systems manufactured of Russian-made components and designated for production of flight simulators of highest degree of complexity.
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