NRK-2k Combined navigation calculator is a tool designated for execution of navigation calculations during pre-flight preparation and in flight, mathematic and other calculations. NRK-2k allows to solve the following tasks:
  • calculation of drift angle, ground speed, wind heading angle, magnetic heading of flight or actual track angle by known wind vector;
  • definition of speed and direction by known drift angle and ground speed, by two (three) drift angles and two (three) ground speeds of flight;
  • definition of covered distance, speed and flight time;
  • definition of radius and speed of turn to a given angle by known or preset speed and bank angle;
  • definition of Mach number, corresponding to current speed, and vice versa;
  • definition of correction for air compression to readings of wide hand of aerodynamic speed indicators;
  • expansion of wind vector into front and lateral components to magnetic landing course;
  • definition of aircraft position and checks of distance to tracking range from one or more radio navigation points;
  • calculation of navigation elements by readings of ground and onboard radars;

  • Besides, navigation calculator allows to convert units of measurement and solve tasks during specialized utilization of aviation in national economy.
    NRK-2k consists of four disks rotating around the commom axis with logarithmic and other scales, nomograms, indexes, special marks and transparent windows for reading of preset or calculated values on corresponding scales.

    On both sides of navigation calculator are located 23 calculating scales designated for solution of various problems. Scales are similar to logarithmic rulers, allowing to replace mathematic operations with numbers (multiplication, division, etc.) by simple actions with their logarithms - addition and subtractions of scales' quadrants.

    ESVO LLC. conducts development and improvement of navigator's accessories at its production site in Chelyabinsk.

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