NL-10mk Navigation ruler is a portable tool designated for execution of navigation and other calculations. Scales of navigation ruler are made by analogy with logarithmic rulers, allowing to replace mathematic operations with numbers by simple actions with their logarithms by addition and subtraction of fragments of scales. NL-10mk has a total of 18 scales for calculations of various parameters (distance-speed, time, tangents, instrument altitude, etc.) NL-10mk navigation ruler is supplied with protective case, designated for preservation of its elements during storage and transportation. Besides, the case contains instruction for operation of navigation ruler, providing keys to actions with NL-10mk and algorithms of solution of majority of navigation tasks.
Some history:
Navigator's ruler with direct linear scales was initially proposed in 1923 by soviet designer V.G. Nemchinov. In 1927 navigator of Black sea fleet air force L.S. Popov designed the first universal navigator's ruler allowing to make calculations with consideration of methodic errors of barometric altimeters and aerodynamic speed indicators. Due to improvement of aeronautic means this ruler was extensively evolving and had a number of modifications.
ESVO LLC. conducts development and improvement of navigator's accessories at its production site in Chelyabinsk.
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