Hydraulic pump station «MOTOCILLA 15-7/55» is designated to create flow of hydraulic fluid by two lines, providing working fluid for hydraulic test bench with possibility of tuning of its volume and pressure, as well as for other consumers. Station has cyclical mode of operation allowing to maintain pressure in feed line within preset limits. It includes a system of protection against increase of temperature of working fluid and increase of pressure in the system.
Station has a separate set of pneumo-hydraulic accumulators (PHA set) for accumulation of energy and connection to the consumer (in this case for control surface actuators) at a distance of 15 m and more from the source of hydraulic power. Depending on tasks and number of consumers MOTOCILLA hydraulic pump station can be manufactured in different versions, including possibility to permanently mount PHA set on the station's tank.

For more information contact tel. +7 (812) 347-8757 (ext. 510) or info@esvoavia.ru
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