Simulator is designated for training of working habits of L-410UVPE-20 aircraft in navigation, operation of its onboard systems and equipment during performance of tasks of pre-flight preparation, start and pre-flight preparation of onboard systems, engines start, taxiing, take-off, climb, cruise flight enroute, including in turbulence, day and night VFR and IFR flights, etc.

Simulator allows to train air crew actions in case of failures of aircraft onboard systems, evisaged by FOM, and habits of interaction of crew members in execution of checklists.

Visualization system of the simulator represents a 4 channel collimated optical display device providing fields of vision of at least 84° horizontal and at least 28° vertical for each pilot, and external environment image generation system.

Instructor's workstation represents a universal module allowing to control the training process:

  • set training scenario and perform continuous checks of trainees' actions;
  • input failures and quickly change current training scenario;
  • conduct visual surveillance and checks of air crew actions in simulator's cockpit;
  • perform post-flight debriefing;
  • keep records of training results, etc.
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