Simulator for preparation of air crews of IL-76 aircraft (and its modifications) allows to perform training of a full spectrum of piloting tasks in the whole permissible range of flight modes, maneuvering and landing under various weather conditions, training of urgent actions of air crew in special cases in flight and other training tasks.

Air crew cockpit mock-up represents precise copy of the cockpit of IL-76 aircraft (and its modifications) in terms of complement and location of standard workstations, controls, equipment, lighting, positioning of instrument panels and systems.

Collimated optical visualization system of the simulator provides fields of vision of at least 80° horizontal and 30° vertical for each pilot, modelling of area of at least 400 x 400 sq. km with visibility range of up to 45 km. Visualization system in navigator's compartment is manufactured on the basis of hardware-software suite of single channel computer image generator for navigator with display device on the basis of LCD monitor.

Instructor's workstation represents a universal module allowing to control the training process:

  • set training scenario and perform continuous checks of trainees' actions;
  • input failures and quickly change current training scenario;
  • conduct visual surveillance and checks of air crew actions in simulator's cockpit;
  • perform post-flight debriefing;
  • keep records of training results, etc.
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