ESVO completed upgrade of simulator
for preparation for Su-27 aircraft

| 23 September 2021
Specialists of ESVO LLC. completed a cycle of works of upgrade of KTS-23 simulator, created earlier by Penza modelling design bureau for preparation of pilots for 4th generation multi-purpose all-weather heavy fighter aircraft Su-27. Particularly, works included complete replacement of visualization and power supply systems of the simulator, updates of visualization databases of the areas of execution of training flights.

Simulator is designated for working out of a full spectrum of training tasks under conditions ultimately close to real, and allows to train piloting technique in all operational flight modes under various weather conditions, habits of urgent actions in special cases resulting from piloting errors, equipment failures etc. Methodological possibilities of the simulator allow the instructor to set training scenario and perform continuous checks of trainees' actions, input failures, quickly change current training scenario, perform post-flight debriefing and keep records of training results.

Design, manufacture and aftersale support of a full range of training aids for preparation of flying personnel and technical staff of state and civil aviation. Update and upgrade of simulators in operation produced by «Penza modelling design bureau» for preparation for IL, Tu, An, Yak, L, Su, MiG aircraft and Mi and Ka helicopters. Design of new generation hydraulic motion systems manufactured of Russian-made components and designated for production of flight simulators of highest degree of complexity.
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