Works of CBT Su-24M represent hardware-software suite for theoretical lecturing of flying personnel and technical staff for Su-24M aircraft individually or by groups under management of instructor-lecturer.

CBT complement:
  • automated instructor's workstation (ARMI);
  • automated trainees' workstations (ARMO);
  • training software;
  • set of multimedia equipment (demonstration screen, audio system etc.)
  • local area network.

  • Possibilities of training of flying personnel:
  • study of theoretical materials on aircraft design;
  • fixation of theoretical knowledge of operation of onboard systems on programmed simulator;
  • training of initial habits and capabilities of execution of flight for solution of transporting and special tasks;
  • training of initial habits of urgent actions in special cases in flight;
  • procedural tests of knowledge and etc.
  • Possibilities of training of technical staff:
  • study of purposes, complement, placement and principles of operation of general aircraft equipment;
  • internalization of initial habits of maintenance of systems and equipment in accordance with operating documentation;
  • testing and tuning of onboard equipment;
  • study of the order of localization and rectification of defects of equipment;
  • helicopter maintenance and etc.

  • Possibilities for the instructor:
  • control of user information database;
  • design and addition of additional training modules;
  • tuning of launch parameters;
  • composition of individual training programs;
  • editing of testing assignments and etc.
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