In the framework of state policy of import substitution ESVO LLC. at its initiative designed and created a new generation 3-DOF electro-hydraulic motion system for creation of flight simulators on dynamic platforms. The solution represents a complex hardware-software suite including two primary elements - motion system and low-size hydraulic pump station.
Motion system is created on the basis of electro-hydraulic actuator. Inclusion of hydro-accumulators into its design ensures benchmark quality of movement and provides maximum smoothness of operation. For implementation of acceleration effects for the trainee the motion system includes a dynamic stand with load capacity of up to 6.5 tons.

Designed and implemented was a system providing security and protection against non-standard situations with possibility of return of dynamic platform to initial position. The resulting solution allows ESVO LLC. to successfuly develop proprietary competence in the field of critical simulator technologies that include motion systems for high-quality imitation of acceleration effects.
Unique design for the first time allows Russian manufacturers of flight simulators to avoid dependence on expensive imported solutions and eliminate sanction risks in creation of products in the interests of defence organization. Motion system is manufactured completely of Russian-made elements and its performance is not inferior to foreign analogs.
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