ESVO: delivery of batch-produced piloting
simulator for preparation for Tu-160

| 09 November 2021
ESVO company performed delivery of batch-produced piloting simulator for preparation of flying personnel for Tu-160 strategic intercontinental missile-bearing bomber. Simulator allows to train pre-flight preparation and system checks, take-off fom runway and enroute flight, habits of visual and instrumental flights in the whole range of operational modes of flight, solution of navigation and aircraft control tasks, training of urgent crew actions in special cases of flight and other training tasks.

Tu-160 White swan is the largest variable sweep wing supersonic aircraft in the history of military aviation, heaviest combat aircraft in the world having the highest maximum take-off weight among the bombers. Designer solutions utilized during its creation allow it to remain competitive until creation of next generation of strategic aviation aircraft. Simulators of Tu-160 manufactured by PKBM, delivery and maintenance of which is continued by ESVO company, represent an important part of preparation of long-range aviation flying personnel to effective operation of this extremely complex combat aviation suite.

Design, manufacture and aftersale support of a full range of training aids for preparation of flying personnel and technical staff of state and civil aviation. Update and upgrade of simulators in operation produced by «Penza modelling design bureau» for preparation for IL, Tu, An, Yak, L, Su, MiG aircraft and Mi and Ka helicopters. Design of new generation hydraulic motion systems manufactured of Russian-made components and designated for production of flight simulators of highest degree of complexity.
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